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Actor, Seth Green, has his NFTs stolen

Seth Green, best known as the son of Doctor Evil in the Austin Powers trilogy, has become a victim of a criminal mastermind.

A sinister genius has made off with four of his NFTs in a scam.. and is holding them for ransom for…

…one million dollars.

In a video call, the evil genius demanded the one million sum, before having a whispered conversation with Number Two, and changing the terms to one hundred billion dollars.

Scottie, who became estranged from Doctor Evil during the Austin Powers trilogy, has promised to contact the law enforcement agencies if the NFTs weren’t returned.
To which a spokesman of the evil mastermind replied:
‘Oh Boo Fricking Hoo… Scotty don’t… Just know that I have a whole bag of “shh!” with your name on it… Zip it. Zip. Zip. Zipple.’

A spokesman for the police said, ‘this is a very serious crime. Who knows what this deranged architect of evil may be planning. Possibly sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their heads, or a working tractor beam called Preparation H.’
Renowned Cambridge physicist, Dr Parsons, denied the scheme was part of the Alan Parsons Project.