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At last week’s Miss Universe pageant, crypto-loving El Salvador’s entrant wore a costume featuring Digital-Currency imagery… But unfortunately, Bitcoin-wearing Miss El Salvador fell spectacularly… leading to comparisons between her performance and that of the leading coin.

Eagle-eyed viewer Jack Lotion witnessed the scene:

“When one of the ladies first appeared as Bitcoin, I thought ‘what a great idea!’ She seemed like a genuine alternative to the usual favourites… you know, the rigged U.S. contestant that usually wins, or those cliquey Euro girls.

“Unfortunately, when everyone seemed to be warming to her, down she went suddenly. Complete nosedive. Fair play, she got up again and we thought she’d be good from there. But then she wobbled and went down again.

“From then on, you weren’t really sure what would happen. She kept going but she was up and down like a yo-yo. People got really emotionally invested in her – they were cheering when she was up, biting their nails when she was down. Sometimes, when you thought she’d hit her bottom and couldn’t go any lower, she’d find a way to fall even further.

“I mean, there’s no way the judges could choose her after that performance. Miss Universe has one sacred duty – to deliver world peace whilst dressed in a bikini. You can’t trust someone with all the reliability of Bitcoin to deliver that. No way.”

Miss El Salvador was eliminated early from the contest but fared better at least than Miss Bahamas whose national costume featured an FTT token and was immediately impounded by creditors.