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Australian nerd Craig Steven Wright wants to take the credit for the invention of Bitcoin, and asserts that he actually IS the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto… But spookily, when asked to provide evidence …he can’t provide any… So: do we believe him… or not?

In the meantime, Planet Crypto has offered him a weekly column, in which he asks you to believe – or not – other extraordinary or fantastical stories from his odditorium…

Greetings, Quirk Lovers.

Today, I want to tell you the incredible story of Elaine Davidson is the world’s most pierced woman. As of 2019, the Brazilian former nurse had an incredible 11,003 piercings all over her body. It’s estimated that she carries around 5Kg of metal.

But, friends, what is even more extraordinary is…

…I am Elaine Davidson. That was me. I did those interesting things. Believe it or not. But if ‘not,’ I will sue you. Understand? Good.

…Till next time, oddity lovers.