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Australian nerd Craig Wright wants to take the credit for the invention of Bitcoin, and asserts that he actually IS the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto… But spookily, when asked to provide evidence …he can’t provide any… So: do we believe him… or not?

It’s time for another visit to his weekly column in which he asks you to believe – or not – a fabulously fantastical tale…

Salutations, admirers of the abnormal.

This week’s scarcely believable story belongs to Sam Bankman-Fried, the math genius who built – and lost – an empire.

Sam was born on the campus of Stanford University to two esteemed law professors.

After graduating from MIT, he and some friends designed software to profit from Bitcoin trades. By the time he was 26, they were making $1 million a day.  

A passionate activist, he donated millions of dollars to charitable causes.

Before he was 30, he shared stages with Presidents and Prime Ministers, supermodels and sports stars, extolling the virtues of cryptocurrency and charitable giving.

Last week, he was caught mishandling funds and lost his entire $16 billion fortune in a day.

Now, we all know that I am many things…. I am Satoshi, I am The Weeknd, in the 60s I was both Marilyn Monroe and Muhammad Ali at the same time.… I invented Bitcoin, I currently hold the Olympic records for every distance between 100m and the marathon, and I was the one who first combined salt and vinegar.

But let me make one thing abundantly clear – I am not Sam Bankman-Fried. Hell no. I mean, I’ve been called a fantasist, but even I’m not that wrong. If you say that I am, I’ll see you in court. And I reckon I’ve got a pretty good chance of winning the case this time.

Until next time, explorers of the exceptional.