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When my Lambo comes
When my Lambo comes
I can meet my destiny

When my Lambo comes

I’m the revolutionary
I’m the techno missionary

I’m the cyber new elite
I’m the golden godlike geek

Let’s get more decentralised
Let’s get cool and mentalised

Balm to asset market trouble

Mention not the south-sea bubble

Come inside and have dabble
Welcome pleb and newbie rabble

Meet the road and gayly travel

Bit like playing cyber scrabble

Then your Lambo comes

Then your Lambo comes

Not a cult or fantasy
Break the yoke be fancy free

Listen to your fiscal need
Tap into your lust and greed

Stay on message fiscal massage
Hunt the Snark in quantum presage

Zealot, tell it, I can smell it
You can buy it can sell it

Never mind the functional
Unctional dysfunctional

Load your assets punctual
Buy the altcoin on the double

Possibly you’ll lose your shirt
Building castles made of dirt

Never mind that it might hurt

Feel the jazz enjoy the squirt

Then my Lambo comes
Then my Lambo comes
You can taste my destiny

When my Lambo comes