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CZ’s guide to what is - and isn’t - Chinese

CEO Changpeng Zhao seems to get really wound up if you say his company Binance is Chinese.

Through the Binance website, CZ issued a lengthy statement denying that both he and his company were from that country.. Despite the fact that he was born of Chinese parents, spent his formative years on a Chinese University campus; his prototype exchange-as-a-service platform Bijie tech was set up in China; and when Bijie was closed down by the Chinese government, Binance began to be formed in China, using many of the same staff from China.

After speaking to him this morning, Planet Crypto can exclusively reveal that there are a few other things that CZ says are not Chinese:

  1. Pandas. ‘Contrary to popular belief, Pandas are not Chinese. A Panda called Xiao Qi Ji, and twins Ya Lun and Xi Lun were born at the National Zoo and Zoo Atlanta respectively. Pandas are American.’
  2. Kung Fu. This is Persian. Not Chinese. And it was invented by cats. Yes, really. If Kung Fu expert Carl Douglas is to be believed – ‘everybody was kung-fu fighting – those CATS were fast as lightning.’ Cats are from Persia. Therefore Kung Fu is from the Fertile Crescent.
  3. Kung Fu Panda. ‘Hello? Made in California by Dreamworks.’
  4. The Great Wall of China. ‘This is a misnomer, because the Great Wall can’t strictly be called Chinese. A lot of it is built on the border, so any bits of masonry which stick out are actually in Mongolian airspace. Should be The Great Wall of Mongolia.
  5. The Chinese Flag. ‘Surprisingly this isn’t Chinese, either. Mine said ‘Made in Taiwan’ on it. Which isn’t in Chin-… oh hang on.. wait a minute… forget I said that… And I’ve never met Nancy Pelosi, either.’
  6. The Little Red Book. ‘You’ve all heard the phrase ‘the Little Red Book’, right? Most famous book in the world. Well it’s not Chinese, it’s Irish. It’s called Ulysses, and it’s by James Joyce. Everybody’s heard of it. Nobody’s read it: It’s the most Little-Read Book in the world… Don’t groan. This is comedy gold.’
  7. Official statements which are bullsh*t and distort the Truth. ‘Oh yeah, you got me there. Those ARE Chinese.’