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If you’re Head of Terra, you’ve been having to make some pretty bold steps and moves to avoid the torrent of abuse that’s been hurled at you this week.

In fact, the last time we’ve seen such outrageous swerves from a South Korean, it was at the height of the Gangnam-craze.

So we at Planet Crypto have decided to put together our own dance routine…
Follow the steps below to teach yourself how to “Do the Do Kwon” and be like everyone’s favourite twister!


At the start, thrust your crotch at anyone nearby. Let them know that you’re top dog round here!


And as soon as you’ve got everybody’s attention, start twisting… like the big twister you are.


Next: Shake your moneymakers… REALLY shake your moneymakers... Indeed, shake the entire financial system.


Then when everybody’s gobsmacked by your moves, put your hands in the air like you don’t care…


And then try and wriggle, wriggle, wriggle out of it.


And before people come to shake shake shake you… Collapse in a heap! Gain extra style credit for a total faceplant.


Now lie on the floor, keep lying, and bleat without a leg to stand on.


Finally, pick yourself, perform a nifty sidestep, move your booty (out of LUNA) ..and repeat from the beginning.