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How well do you know the language of Crypto?

Have you DYOR?

Do you know your pumping and dumping from your flippening and flappening?

You do? IFYKYK, then that’s AOK.

But if you’re NGMI through a Crypto conversation, then maybe you need to brush up on your Crypto language skills …by taking Planet Crypto’s Cryptolingo quick quiz…


(Check the bottom of the page for answers)

1) What is ‘Danksharding’?

  1. Converting a basement into student lets.
  2. An accidental opening of the bowels during a horror film.
  3. A technique that allows nodes on Ethereum to verify large amounts of data just by sampling a few pieces of it.

2) What is ‘Byzantine Fault Tolerance’?

  1. The name for marriage in the Byzantine Empire.
  2. The scoring system in Greco-Roman wrestling.
  3. A blockchain’s ability to continue operating even if some of its nodes fail.

3) What is a ‘White Paper’?

  1. The Daily Telegraph.
  2. Something that hangs in the lavatory.
  3. An informational document that promotes the features of a solution, product, or service.



1 – C

Danksharding was named after Dankrad Feist, the researcher who first proposed it. It features in ‘The Surge’ phase of the latest Ethereum roadmap published by Vitalek Buterin.

2 – C

A system has Byzantine Fault Tolerance when it can keep functioning correctly as long as two-thirds of the network agree or reach concensus. Satoshi Nakamoto solved the fault by implementing Bitcoin’s Proof-of-Work consensus.

3 – A, B, and C.

Yes, it was a trick question! But October 31st was the 14th anniversary of Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper for a peer-to-peer electronic cash system called Bitcoin.