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Pop star, Phil Collins, has hit back at investors who say Genesis defrauded them through a dodgy crypto lending scheme.

“I keep telling you, you’ve got the wrong Genesis”, said the drummer and vocalist. “My Genesis is the 1980’s soft rock band that wrote Invisible Touch. You want the bankrupt crypto lender that wrote invisible cheques.

“I’ve done some appalling things in life”, admitted Collins. “I divorced my ex-wife by sending her a fax, I recorded some of the blandest tunes to ever darken the 90s, but I did not defraud 100,000 crypto investors out of $3 billion.”

“The abuse has been terrible”, he continued. “There’s graffiti on my car, dog mess through my letterbox, my bins were set on fire… yes, a lot of that was my ex-wife and yes, in hindsight I should have told her about the divorce face-to-face, but unless you count music fans who bought some of my later solo albums, I swear I haven’t defrauded anyone.”

Collins isn’t the only celebrity receiving abuse aimed at the other Genesis. God told his 2.4 billion Twitter followers, “For Me’s sake, read the Bible, folks. The Book of Genesis is not their secret accounts ledger. If you’ll remember, I had my son throw the money lenders out of the temple, so I’m hardly a fan. Please stop grabbing vicars and shouting, ‘What have you done with my money, you thieving bastard!’ “

In response, Genesis the lender told Planet Crypto, “Having seen the terrible mix up involving Phil Collins, we at Genesis have decided to release an album of soft rock. We suspect we can’t be any worse at music than we were at crypto lending.”