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‘Give pollution a chance’ say obstinate proof-of-work miners

Many Ethereum proof-of-work miners are resisting Ethereum’s new proof-of-stake system – despite Proof-of-Stake being clearly more preferable, for ‘greener’ reasons.

They’ve even forked their own ETHPow blockchain.

When asked to justify his gas-guzzling actions, one miner put his case for Proof-of-Work:

‘I’m sick of all these Proof-Of-Stakers saying how wonderful they are, because they’re ‘green’… They should give pollution a chance.

Proof-of-Stakers say ‘we’ve got to stop polluting because we need to save the Polar Bears.’ Why? Polar bears stink of fish and they want to rip your face off.

And sometimes polar bears eat their cubs.

Frankly, Polar bears are bastards.

Bitcoin Miner

These Poof-Of-Stakers will be laughing in the other side of their faces when they’re being munched to death by the world’s largest land predator.

Don’t they know that we’re doing the world a favour by polluting Polar Bears out of existence?

But hey.

‘And another thing: if we clean the planet up – what’s Greta Thurnberg going to do?

Youth unemployment is already at dire levels. She’ll become feckless and idle. And her Bjork-style vocal chords will shrivel up due to underuse.

Can we conscionably allow that to happen? Youth unemployment levels are already at unacceptable levels.

And if she’s not stirring up the Youth, kids will become apathetic again, and stop going on strike. Instead of ‘Fridays for Future’ – they’ll end up on their iPads playing Genshin Impact on their iPads all day.

Do new want that for our kids?? Hm?? These ‘green’ Proof-of-Stakers are so selfish and make me sick. They have no consideration for the younger generation.

Besides – if I have to throw all my super-computers into a river, that’ll cause far more environmental damage.

Say YES to PoW, say YES to Pollution.

‘Now if you don’t mind – I have to go and mine some Bitcoin and kill some bastard pandas.’