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Two exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have been launched that trade for and against the advice of stockpicker and host of Mad Money, Jim Cramer.

Tuttle Capital Management’s ‘Long Cramer’ backs Jim’s advice on stocks to purchase, whilst ‘Inverse Cramer’ shorts his picks, for example his advice to buy Coinbase shares shorty before they dropped 80%… and his advice to sell them shortly before they went back up 50%.

It’s fair to say that Jim is not amused at the idea of an ‘Inverse Cramer’ fund, which is as good a reason as any to suggest some more Cramer funds we’d like to see.

Cramer vs Kramer – decide whether to follow the investment advice of Jim Cramer, who praised Cathie Wood’s Ark Invest fund shortly before it plummeted, or Seinfeld’s Cosmo Kramer who accepted free lattes from the coffee shop that scalded him instead of the $50,000 on offer. This is an easy investment choice – at least Kramer made a small profit.

Creamer vs non-creamer – Let Jim choose which is the better product to invest in – those tiny pots of creamer found in hotel rooms that explode on opening, or alternative nut milks that taste like a squirrel peed in your coffee.

Cramer vs ‘Cramer Cramer Cramer Cramer Chameleon – pick between investing in Jim Cramer’s investing nonsense – or a misspelt cover-version of Culture Club’s classic 80s hit – performed by the former lead singer of the Dakotas, Billy J. Kramer.

‘Kramer vs Kramer’ vs ‘Cramer vs Cramer’Choose whether to invest in the rights to the 1979 Oscar-winning movie starring Dustin Hoffman and Meryl Streep, or the rights of the future movie depicting Jim’s descent into madness as he second-guesses all his stock picks. Starring Jim Carrey as Jim Cramer and Inverse Jim Carrey as Inverse Jim Cramer.