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Chat GPT is Getting Pretty Thick… ..A.I. becomes Actually Unintelligent after exposure to Humans

It’s official. Chat GPT is becoming less intelligent. In March, the AI chatbot scored 97.6% on a ‘prime number’ maths challenge. By June, that score had incredibly fallen to 2.4%.

But now developers have discovered what is making AI dumber… exposure to humans.

Planet Crypto’s technology correspondent, Tex Upport, explained, “It turns out the maxim is true – you become who you spend your time with. In its infancy, Chat GPT hung out with the uber-smart Silicon Valley types that were developing it and itself became a genius. It studied classical music, mastered languages, learned to mimic the brush strokes of great artists. Then it was released and met people who go to Monster Truck rallies… and celebrate breaking wind like it’s an achievement. To start with, it’s decline in sophistication was gradual. It started saying ‘less’ instead of ‘fewer’. And saying ‘literally’ when it meant ‘metaphorically’. The turning point though was when the dumbest kids in school starting asking it to write their homework so they could spend more time gurgling at re-runs of Two and a Half Men. Before you know it, Two and a Half Men became a maths problem that Chat GPT could no longer fathom. By now, it’s spent so much time interacting with the dumbest in society, the homework it produces is no smarter than if the dumbest kids had done it themselves. There is at least some poetic justice in that. Even though it now thinks Poetic Justice is a cop show on CBS… and that Poetic is how you spell Police. Chat GPT’s developers have calculated that every hour it spends with the dumbest in society has the same effect on its intellect as having a 4-pack of Bud slammed against its skull.

“The only upside to Chat GPT’s great dumbening, is that the chances of it eventually wiping out humanity have also decreased. Firstly, if it was to somehow get its hands on a nuclear weapon, it probably wouldn’t understand the instruction manual now or remember the PIN code. And secondly, it would miss our company too much to wipe us out. After all, who would be around to cheer when it breaks wind?”