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Trump Trading Cards No.1 The Incredible Bellend!

This week Donut Trump has announced a series of trading card NFTs… with him posing as various Superheroes.

Clearly this is how the turtle-faced tangerine turd views himself…

Which is surprising. Because most of us don‘t see him as a muscle-bound Superhero.

We see him as a slightly overweight bloke who would sit on the toilet all-day, tweeting.

But – hey. If he wants to play the ‘Make Him A Superhero’ game… let’s play.

If Donald WAS a superhero – which superhero would he be…??”

Today: ‘Don’t make him angry… you wouldn’t like him when he’s angry…’ Yes, if you make The Donald angry he changes colour (a deep shade of red)… bursts buttons on his shirt… and writes ill-considered tweets on the toilet.

He’s the Incredible Bellend.