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He’s the doom-monger always predicting the fall of financial markets, the demise of the dollar, and the end of civilisation as we know it…  now Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad – who has predicted fourteen of the last two recessions – has agreed to share his woe-mongering visions. Today: he analyses the banking contagion…

‘Hark and Alas! Wither and Woe!

I told you so!

The end of the world IS nigh… The banking contagion has started.

It began with the collapse of Silvergate. Then, Silicon Valley Bank and Signature. Credit Suisse now.

Who’s next..? Who knows.

The government is playing down the significance of the contagion, saying it’s a problem with individual banks making bad investments.

But pay no heed. The banking contagion is DEEPLY infectious.

For it is a cordyceps fungal infection – and any bank-worker can catch it, if they’re bitten by an already-infected financier: and that’s highly likely.

Because the contagion cannot be contained anymore; infected fund managers are everywhere.

For these infected asset managers are highly aggressive, and will attack uninfected investment bankers on sight.

So what happens if you are bitten? Well, if you are a stock-trader, and you are bitten by a contaminated hedge fund manager, the fungus would travel quickly through your bloodstream, and attack your brain. Mycelium will grow inside your trader’s cerebral tissue, killing your memories, and driving you insane. Your modified instincts will only be to spread the spores to others. I’m sorry but there is no cure.

That’s why, once infected, the virus can rapidly spread through a trading floor. Then a bank. Then a City…

It’ll be New York first, then London, then Frankfurt.

Martial law will have to be called to fight salivating hordes of deranged facilities managers. Society itself will be on the brink of collapse.

So prefer for a desperate, desperate state of affairs.

Therefore, my advice is this.. Get your money out of cash and bonds, and spread your assets between gold and bitcoin.

Till next time, my Warriors-of-Woe.’