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Solana Labs stun investors with web3 initiative

Solana Labs shocked investors at their ‘SMS’ event this week. As expected they announced that they’d built a mobile software platform. But, unexpectedly they announced they were releasing a Web3-ready Waffle-Iron.

Said Solana co-founder Anatoly Yakovenko, ‘Solana waffle-irons are the way forward! At our previous event we stunned investors by offering them a mobile phone, and we got loads of publicity. So clearly surprising our investors with electronic hardware is the way forward. First cellphones and waffle irons… next a sandwich toaster and a hairdryer.’

When questioned why an online trading-platform was issuing electronic goods, he said: ‘Because this is a brilliant idea. It’s got a non-stick interior coating and is die-cast in aluminium.’

He later crowed, ‘Screw being an online trading platform, I want to be Best Buy.’

Bitter Ethereum sneered at their rivals’ initiative. Before announcing that they were going to issue Web3 Ready Curling Tongs.