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Pop star Madonna was left stunned, after the world yawned loudly at her exposing her vagina once again in her Art.

The one-time Queen of Pop thrust her over-exposed spadger into digital artist’s Beeple’s work for a new series of NFTs this week – and was left reeling by the global indifference.

‘I’ve been getting my kit off since my career started under the Weimar Republic – and it’s always caused a stir before,’ said Madonna, 87.

The Senior had hoped to shock art buyers with her new NFTs which show her birthing trees, centipedes and butterflies from her lady-parts.

But fans have seen her without her kit on before: in Penthouse, Playboy, in the book Sex, on the cover of Vanity Fair, in the movies Dangerous Game and Body of Evidence, in her ads for her perfume ‘Madge Stink’, on the cover of the Italian Vogue, etc. etc.

‘I don’t understand it – I always get my kit off when I’m short of ideas. I mean, when I first showed my bits, they almost upstaged Eisenhower’s inauguration??’ the coffin-dodger lamented, as she popped in her teeth.

‘I guess it’s because I grew up in an era when it was uncommon to see vaginas.
‘When I was a girl, modesty and chastity and whale-boned corsets were all the rage. Back then, the only way men could see a vagina, was by going under the railway arches and paying a painted doxy a farthing.

‘So showing off one’s vagina was really shocking.
‘But this new-fangled worldwide interweb thing has just ruined things for the Shameless Self-Promotion industry.’

Digital artist Beeple, who phoned in his ideas for the project whilst traveling to work on the bus, commented that, ‘it was really exciting to be working with Madonna…’ Before smirking into a pile of money.