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Trump Trading Cards No.5 COVFEFE!

This week Donut Trump has announced a series of trading card NFTs… with him posing as various Superheroes.

This is surprising. Because most of us don‘t see him as a muscle-bound Superhero at all.

We see him as a slightly overweight bloke who likes to sit on the toilet tweeting.

But – hey. If he wants to play the ‘Make Him A Superhero’ game… let’s play.

NO. 5 – COVFEFE!!!

As we all know, there is a superhero called ‘Shazam!’

Now, clearly, ‘Shazam!’ is not a real word.

Nor is ‘Covfefe.’

So the next Trump Superhero is ‘Covfefe!!!’

– spelt with three exclamation marks as opposed to Shazam!’s one.

Because he’s even ‘more important’.

And shouty.